The Scripture and Church Seminar explores the interface between Scripture and church, covering the terrain that is normally referred to as Practical Theology. SACS is our newest Seminar and a very exciting development – so many rich and important topics need addressing.

In 2016 SACS had a great inaugural session in San Antonio. With approximately 70 in attendance, Dr. Bill DeJong (McMaster Divinity College) presented on “Which Way Now? Pearls and Perils Along the Uncertain Path of Practical Theology.” Ken Herfst (Redeemer University College) presented on “Broad Brushstrokes for a Potential ‘Scripture and Church’ Agenda.” and Dr. Michael Wagenman (Western University and Redeemer University College) presented on “Pondering Practical Theology: Proclamation and the Problem of Propaganda.”

In 2017 SACS met for the second time around the theme of The Kingdom of God and Everyday Liturgies. The following papers were presented.

·      Dr. Vince Bantu, “Biblical Interpretation and Liturgical Performance in Global Christian Perspective” (Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri).

·      Dr. Ryan O’Dowd, “Dark Things in the Depths: Wisdom Confession, and the Kingdom of God” (Cornel University, Ithica, New York).

·      Dr. Ruth Padilla-deBorst, “The Kingdom and Everyday Liturgies in the New Testament” (PhD, Boston College).

·      Dr. Dru Johnson, “Placebos, Elevator Buttons, and High Powered Lasers: How Ritual Ethics Enable Us to See the Kingdom of God” (The King’s College, New York City).

DENVER 2018 “Inhabiting the Kingdom”

The 2018 theme for the Scripture and Church Seminar will bring into focus the complex relationship between the church and the Kingdom of God. Some of the critical questions we will engage with an interdisciplinary panel of presenters are: How does Scripture shape a church of covenant subjects of, or partners with, the King? How does Scripture disclose the church as the community gathered before the King? What insight does Scripture provide for how the church is to live as dual citizens of the Kingdom of God and earthly political nation-states? And since Scripture reveals to us the ever-present God who is King, what does it mean that the Church is the Worshippers of the King-Who- Is-Always-Present? Each paper of this year’s meeting will address one of these important scholarly and practical questions.

Confirmed Speakers:

·      Jonathan Pennington (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

·      Jonathan Leeman (9Marks, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)

·      Amy Peeler (Wheaton College)


·      Dr. Susan Bubbers (The Center for Anglican Theology, Liturgy, And Spiritual formation, Inc.)

·      Dr. Dru Johnson (The Kings College, New York City)

·      Dr. Ken Herfst (Redeemer University College, Ancaster, Ontario)

·      Dr. Bill deJong (PhD, McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario)

·      Dr. Michael R. Wagenman, chair (Western University, London, Ontario)

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