THSC is part of Tyndale House in Cambridge, UK, where it operates under the leadership of Revd. Dr. Craig Bartholomew, the Director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics and Senior Research Fellow at Tyndale House.

Scripture is the field in which is hid the pearl of great price, the Lord Christ. There is thus an immense amount at stake in our engagement with Scripture and in healthy biblical studies. As is set out in more detail below, this work has its origins in The Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar (SAHS), established by Craig Bartholomew in 1998 when he was at the University of Gloucestershire, in partnership with British and Foreign Bible Society. SAHS established an ambitious eight-year project to address key issues that we thought were at the heart of a renewal of biblical interpretation that was rigorous and in the service of the church, emerging again and again into the presence of Christ. Since the end of that eight-year process SAHS has continued to meet each year at the Society of Biblical Literature in partnership with the Institute for Biblical Research. It has also given birth to two further seminars: The Scripture and Doctrine Seminar and The Scripture and Church Seminar (practical theology).

THSC thus organizes three seminars and an Annual Meal held each year in November in North America in partnership with the Institute for Biblical Research at Society of Biblical Literature/American Academy of Religion.